How do we work?

Our work method

Our translation method consists of 10 steps and is the result of the experience gained by working as professional translators.

  1. Customer consultation. What types of goals does the customer have? Special requests? Deadline?
  2. We develop the project with a binding timetable, leadership and translators or translation team.
  3. Translators are provided with the customer’s source material. After an initial reading, style, terms and other textual issues are discussed. The project leader is at the hub of his activity, keeping contact with the customer as well as organizing the actual translation assignment.
  4. The majority of time is devoted to the actual translation. Every translator is required to translate between 1000 and 2500 words daily. Faster translations are assigned to an organized team that is careful not to compromise the character of the source material.
  5. Independent proofreading of the text in its entirety, content control by experts ensures quality.
  6. Independent review of the target language’s grammar, style, spelling and repeated checks of numbers, names and other details: final assurance of quality.
  7. The customer then reviews the material in order to discuss possible issues or raise questions.
  8. Final editing is completed.
  9. Delivery to the customer – you receive the end result.
  10. Customer follow-up. We review the material until you are completely satisfied.

A quick translation of, for example, a business letter from Swedish to English can be delivered on the same day within a few hours.
Our translators often provide suggestions for improvement, making the translation part of the final proofreading and editing process.

How do we do it? – Our international network
We have an established network of hundreds of translators both in Sweden and overseas as well as with other translation bureaus. This allows us the opportunity to guarantee high-quality translation and proofreading. Translations are done by our colleagues into their native language.
Our translators own degrees in a varity of subjects, for example market communication, advertising, IT, economy, medicine, pharmacology, biology, technology and marketing. They are skilled in language processing and possess a good deal of educational abilities. Taken as a whole, this means that we more than likely have the resources it takes to complete your assignment.

How do we do it? – Time and flexibility – always ready!
We don’t keep regular office hours, which means that we even work on weekends, sometimes around the clock. Those customers with whom we maintain close contact appreciate this sort of service. Their production needs our backup and our ability to be there as needed.
We can complete a translating assignment over a weekend, overnight or even in the space of a few hours. We can be in contact with our translators at all times, whether they’re sitting in front of their computer screen or not. Using cell phones we can reach them wherever they can be, in China, Brazil or the Czech Republic.

Bid – quote
The easiest way to receive an estimate is to send a copy of your material via e-mail. We then can contact you with price information and delivery date. We begin our translation with your approval of our estimate.
By using the Internet, we can ensure short delivery times as well as flexibility. You will be pleasantly surprised by our reasonable prices. We always keep our word – the price will not change under any circumstances. Our pricing takes into account the complexity of the source material, the source language and the target language. We can offer many competitive solutions due to our high volume of assignments. If our client orders are large or relatively regular, we lower the price even more. We urge you to shop around and compare – take a look at what we have to offer before you decide.

We have language groups in the following subjects ( always in combination with English and Swedish):

dotlist1 IT: dozens of languages, for example AltaVista
dotlist1 IT: northern European languages, for example Evreka
dotlist1 IT: eastern European languages
dotlist1 Power tools: eastern European and northern European languages
dotlist1 Appliances: Russian, northern European and Baltic languages
dotlist1 Periodicals: 13 languages and 5 languages
dotlist1 Technology: eastern European languages
dotlist1 The environment and environment technology: eastern European languages
dotlist1 Lumber industry: Finnish, German and eastern European languages
dotlist1 Furniture industry: German, French and eastern European languages
dotlist1 Economy and law: Finnish, French, German, Spanish and eastern European languages

Our translation groups 
We have internal translation groups and have established cooperative efforts with many other excellent professional translation agencies both in Sweden and abroad.