Our customers

All of our customers, regardless of their size, are important to us and our goal is that our customers will always be satisfied. We always put that “something extra” into everything we do.

dotlist1 Canal+ (Prime text, FilmNet)
dotlist1 Assi Domän
dotlist1 Glimåkra akvamatik
dotlist1 Ragn Sells
dotlist1 SPV
dotlist1 Paramint
dotlist1 Fluortek
dotlist1 Allgon
dotlist1 SHIA
dotlist1 Uppsalabuss
dotlist1 LSXS
dotlist1 Ericsson
dotlist1 Uppsalabuss
dotlist1 The Swedish Emergency Service
dotlist1 The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
dotlist1 Scandinavia OnLine AB (Evreka)
dotlist1 Lilla Hasselbacken (Restaurang & Kaffé)
dotlist1 The Swedish Construction Union
dotlist1 The Swedish Forestry Union
dotlist1 The Swedish Immigration Board
dotlist1 The Swedish Police Board
dotlist1 Your Hotel Worldwide
dotlist1 Svenska Författarfonden
dotlist1 Vattenfall
dotlist1 Svensk Kapital Inkasso
dotlist1 Quadriga
dotlist1 Veritas
dotlist1 Icon MediaLab (AltaVista)
dotlist1 EuroLab Sverige
dotlist1 Witchbone Company
dotlist1 The Church of Sweden
dotlist1 Köksunionen
dotlist1 Telia (AltaVista)
dotlist1 TOLLCO
dotlist1 Satelittext
dotlist1 Luftfartsverket
dotlist1 SIOS
dotlist1 Volvo Trucks
dotlist1 Elof Hanson
dotlist1 Röster i Radio
dotlist1 Clas Ohlson
dotlist1 Provac
dotlist1 Marifix Food
dotlist1 Astra Zeneca
dotlist1 Iquity System
dotlist1 Edinim
dotlist1 Skanska
dotlist1 Essen
dotlist1 SIOS


As well as Public Employment Offices, Court, County and County Council documents, Embassies, Law firms, Health Centers, Hospitals, Social Services, etc.

We also work closely with other translation bureaus involved in different projects, several of which are extensive.

dotlist1 Verbus
dotlist1 INK
dotlist1 Tekniktext
dotlist1 AAR Translator
dotlist1 Abcom
dotlist1 A&Adekvat
dotlist1 Interverbum
dotlist1 Translateit
dotlist1 Teknotrans
dotlist1 Alphaspråk
dotlist1 Svea Tolkförmedling
dotlist1 Ord & Stil
dotlist1 Nord IT
dotlist1 Vertigo
dotlist1 Adoma
dotlist1 Uppsalatolkarna
dotlist1 Adman
dotlist1 Falu Tolkservice
dotlist1 Berlitz Translation Service
dotlist1 Västmanlands Tolkservice
dotlist1 Tolkförmedlingen Uppsala
dotlist1 Novoterm Translation
dotlist1 Språkservice
dotlist1 The Swedish Trade Council Language Service
dotlist1 Språkelit
dotlist1 Orginalar´n
dotlist1 Comtext Interlingua