About us

Our operation and history
East-West Service is a small company working with big customers. We make use of the Internet, e-mail, fax machines, telephones and the mails from a place in the country called Husby-Långhundra located between Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden, and very near Arlanda International Airport.
Our little office is equipped with fast computers with which we are able to contact hundreds of translators around the world. Our staff is proficient in many languages. Every one of our translator colleagues works only with material that is to be translated into their native language. They are located on all parts of the globe, from Haparanda in northern Sweden to Ankara, from Peking to Washington and from Athens to Rio de Janeiro. We communicate using different media but mostly with help from e-mail.
We began by interpreting and translating languages familiar to us, working mostly with Slavic and Germanic languages. We are proud to say that we still play an active role in translation and interpreting assignments, yet most of our time is spent acting as agents for different translation orders.
We have learned how to produce a correctly formulated translation; how it should look, the importance of meeting deadlines as well as what attention to detail means. In short, simple ethical rules regarding the business of translating and interpreting. We follow the latest technical developments and employ the most modern communication media.

You can find a presentation of founder Jaroslav Suk here.


What is a Auktoriserad translator in Sweden?
Through a National Translation test once a year a succesful candidate acquires a Swedish Authorisation and becomes Auktoriserad translator. The requirements for passing the test are demanding. Several hundred candidates sit through a nine hour long ordeal struggling with legal, economic and general political texts in different language combination with Swedish. About 10% of the candidates are succesful.